MMO Gaming and Health: How I Overcame My Health Struggles

MMO Gaming and Health: How I Overcame My Health Struggles

Multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are hugely popular. They combine the social aspects of playing board games with friends with the satisfaction of exploration and advanced gameplay. The mechanics of these games are still being studied because of the hours many people spend playing games online. As online gaming becomes more prevalent, health professionals are studying the effects that gaming has on players’ lives.

Steps to Overcome My Health Struggles

Online gaming is a terrific way to unwind and enjoy time with friends and family, but you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your health. Over the years, I’ve played numerous MMOs, and one of them, in particular, was a major factor in helping me overcome my health struggles. Here are the things you should do to overcome your health struggles to be a better person.

Step 1: Breakthrough the psychology that keeps you gaming 

Have you ever decided to do something even though you already knew you would regret it? Or maybe you have decided to do something you knew deep down wasn’t suitable for you, but you felt you needed to do it because you were afraid of what was on the other side? Have you ever felt this way about gaming? If the answer is yes, you might have felt it. It is because that feeling or thought is being sited to your mind. Your brain is just tricking you into doing those things because you develop an attachment to it.

Step 2: Avoid boredom and find new hobbies

If you want to quit games and avoid getting bored, you may look for a new hobby that will busy your mind, so you can’t think of gaming. They are a lot of hobbies that you may choose that will be good for your physical and emotional. You may change your gaming into doing some exercise or maybe look for the specific things to do that you are good at. And one more thing, there are lots of hobbies that you do to improve your physical loss before when you’re addicted to gaming.

Step 3: Stop wasting your time and be more productive

Quitting from gaming is the start of your pursuit to achieve your goals and dreams in life. Don’t be too lazy, or you’ll end up becoming a gamer addict again. Start your day as a productive person; learning how to manage your time effectively is the key to essential accomplishments. Productivity and patience is the key to success.

Step 4: Beat your urges and cravings to avoid a relapse

If you’re an MMO gamer, you know from experience how easy it is to be lured into a World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 binge session until you suddenly find yourself checking your phone in the middle of the afternoon or heading to bed three hours later than expected. And the realization that you’ve wasted an hour or several of your life can be so painful that it makes you swear off gaming for good. But even if you quit gaming, you will experience a range of emotions and withdrawal symptoms. You must navigate it intentionally to avoid relapse.

Step 5: Succeed today… and tomorrow

You must cultivate your mindset to prepare for the common obstacles you may encounter by quitting gaming. By setting up your mindset, you can make tactics and strategies to become successful today and tomorrow onwards. But if you don’t have a proper mindset after quitting the game, even if you make a lot of tactics and techniques, you will not succeed.

But after quitting the game, starting your identity in the real-life world is not that easy to make that fast, just like in your game world. Because based on research, if you have a high rank or fast to upgrade with the skills, you will gain popularity fast. However, in real life, you should work very hard to make it, even for developing a new relationship with others.

Addiction is really difficult to deal with if you’re hard-headed and always say that you will quit gaming but don’t follow the things you should do. And always follows what your mind told you. If you want to overcome your struggles with your health because of gaming addiction, you can follow the article above.


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