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My name is Maison and I’m a Software Engineer (and Tech Blogger in my spare time) from the UK.

“Software Engineer” can sound like quite a vague job title to some people, but I essentially create systems to suit a particular need and test it in various scenarios to see if it works for the desired purpose.

When I’m not working, I enjoy writing (hence the blog) and watching films. My favourite film franchise would have to be Star Wars, which was the inspiration for the blog’s name. Other than that, I like to spend time keeping fit, but as I’m no fitness expert, I thought I would just stick to writing about technology – haha!

How Did I Become a Software Engineer?

The term “Software Engineer” isn’t really standardised in the field of IT, so you might often end up being referred to as a systems/software/web programmer, engineer or developer, depending on what your specific role entails. But, generally speaking, they all do roughly the same job.

To become a Software Engineer, you need some technical abilities and a strong interest in the field. Often, the jobs require qualifications, including a degree. I did my degree in Computer Science, as it’s the most common degree needed to get into the field, but you can study similar subjects like mathematics, physics or electronics and still be suitable for the role. It’s worth checking that out before you start a course, but like I said, as long as it’s relevant to computing or maths in some way, you’re usually on to a winner.

I also did manage to get some work experience in a company local to me – which can really help boost your CV and make you stand out – as cliche as it sounds, it’s true. Often, businesses recognise and value a certain level of work experience over just a degree as it demonstrates real-life experience, which cannot always be catered for in an academic course alone. Some courses offer work experience or the opportunity for an internship, so that’s also something worth looking into.

So, there you have it. Some tips from my journey for you, if you too are looking to get into the field of IT!

Why Did I Decide To Become a Blogger?

I wanted to find something to do in my spare time, and frankly, did not have many ideas at first. One day, when I was writing a technical report for my company, I realised how much I enjoy writing! From there, inspiration struck. I thought I could cover the things I find interesting in the tech world. Technology is in almost everything in our lives, which I find fascinating. And whilst most of it is good, there are a great deal of obstacles you need to avoid to stay safe. So, I thought I would start this blog as a way to highlight the things I have experienced and know about, to try and help any tech novices.

I also wanted a way to communicate with people that have similar interests to me, so even if you just want to talk to me about Star Wars or my job, my inbox is always open to new people.

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