Get Paid for Playing These Video Games

Get Paid for Playing These Video Games

While many of us have dreams of becoming superheroes, inventors, or video game developers, very few of us make it big in our chosen fields.

Have you ever found yourself bored at home, wishing for an excuse to make a little extra money? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably fantasized about “playing” video games for a living. But is that even possible? The answer is yes, and I’m not talking about uploading some videos of yourself playing Fortnite to your YouTube account and hoping for the views to roll in.

Playing video games is supposed to be fun—and with an endless stream of new titles being added to the trend, there are plenty of ways to earn a bit of extra cash while you play. Several of these titles are more than just money-making machines. But there are some video games that actually pay you to play them. While some of these games may be free, some require a small investment. On the other hand, few of them are purely for entertainment value, like the ever-popular Candy Crush.

Here Are the Apps That Pay You to Play Games


Skillz is a mobile game company based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and their app, called Skillz, allows users to earn real cash playing mobile games. The company website says, “If you’re like most adults, you probably spend more time on your mobile phone than you do anywhere else. Why not put that screen time to work for you?” Skillz was founded by former executives of well-known companies like Microsoft. Its mission is to use mobile games for empowering people.


Swagbucks isn’t just about earning rewards and free stuff; it’s about earning real cash. Unfortunately, it does require upfront effort, but the rewards are worth it.


InboxDollars offers various ways to earn cash by playing games you already enjoy. When you sign up for the app, you can earn cash by playing Words with Friends, Bejeweled Blitz, completing surveys, and playing other games. All you need to do is download the InboxDollars app onto your mobile devices.


Sweatcoin claims that you can earn up to $1.28 in cryptocurrency each day you hit your daily step count goal. You can earn more if you complete a given set of workouts which the app can verify using a heart rate monitor. The application automatically logs your steps, calories burned, workout time, and heart rate, which makes it easy to keep track of your progress.


Cashyy is a free app that pays you to play mobile games. So that’s it—all you have to do is install Cashyy, play mobile games, and accrue points-cash, which you can cash out as money or gift cards for real retailers. It’s that easy!


Drop allows users to earn money by playing mobile games. The app’s designers say it was created as a way so that people “earn to show their friends and across social networks.” Users can earn cash by playing tower defense, slots, sports games, and more. To join Drop, you must be 16 years or older.


MyPoints is a reward site that offers members some points in exchange for shopping at a variety of retailers. You can redeem your points for gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, Sears,, and many more. What sets MyPoints apart is its rewards program, which introduces members to a variety of ways to earn points. They earn points just by opening their emails, posting/liking on Facebook, using their smartphones, and a variety of other activities. Once you have enough points, you can start to redeem them for gift cards.

Long Game

Long Game is an exciting new spin on the concept. The idea behind Long Game is that you’re rewarded for playing games with a points system on top of whatever rewards you get from the game themselves. The catch? The points you collect are converted into gift cards from major retailers.

If you’ve played a lot of online games, you can understand how popular they are. Gaming companies know that too, and they’re always looking for ways to entice people to pay and play. Now, you can earn rewards that can be redeemed for cash and other prizes by playing games and completing certain tasks. Some of these are as simple as logging in each day and chatting or playing certain games, while others ask for you to complete more complicated missions.


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